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Hello, and welcome to Mr. Crowther's sixth grade math class. This year we will be learning many new and exciting things. Please click on any of the links below to help you as you study and learn. Let's work hard and have a successful year here at Avondale Middle School.
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Supplies List for 2018-19

                                   *Notebook (spiral or composition)
                            *12 inch ruler and protractor
                             *Colored pencils for graphing

Eureka Math Tips for Parents - click here

Key Words for First Quarter:

Simple expressions, linear expressions, equivalent expressions, equation(s), truth values of a number sentence, and exponential notation for whole number exponents.

Number Sense

Students extend their arithmetic work to include using letters to represent numbers. Students explore letters as representations of numbers and see that arithmetic is carried out exactly as it is with numbers. Students explore operations in terms of verbal expressions and determine that arithmetic properties hold true with expressions because nothing has changed and the arithmetic is the same. Students determine that letters are used to represent specific but unknown numbers and are used to make statements or identities that are true for all numbers or a range of numbers.