Ms. Mendoza

Dear AMS Families,

Welcome to 6th grade English Language Arts! I absolutely love school and can’t wait to pass my passion for learning on to you. I graduated from Arizona State University (Go SunDevils!) in December 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, with a specialization in English. I first taught 7th grade at Michael Anderson School. I am thrilled to be teaching my second year of 6th grade at AMS with you.

This year we will focus on objectives aligned to the new high quality Common Core Standards in order to become successful students and productive members of our society. It is my desire that all students achieve at least two grade levels of growth in reading and writing. It will be a challenging year, and one in which students will be required to work hard towards their goals. I anticipate that each student will participate on or above grade level, as I believe that they have the potential to do so. I am a firm believer that all children are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Parents, I hope that you will communicate with me regularly by phone, email, or in person, as I look to you as a partner in ensuring your student’s educational success. You will receive bi-weekly communication to home from my class. Forms must be signed and returned each time. This communication is essential to ensure that your student is making significant academic gains. I truly believe that a partnership between school and home makes a very positive learning environment for all students. Please feel free to communicate with me as much as possible! It is my goal to make this school year successful, fun, and positive for all students and families.

For additional academic support, students have the opportunity participate in the after school 21st Century Tutoring program where we focus on reading and grammar skills. Student can visit Mobymax for extra practice in reading, writing, and math. Click here for the link.  

Thank You,

Ms. Mendoza

6th Grade English Language Arts

Avondale Middle School

(623) 772-4500 ext. 4538